Blogger Breakthrough Summit

The Blogger Breakthrough Summit is an incredible online event that only happens once a year! It will help you hit your blogging goals faster than you though possible. .

This free 5-day event is designed to provide tons of actionable advice to bloggers. With over 50 speakers, there will be plenty of opportunities to learn new things about blogging and make connections. Register for the summit now!

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Hi, I'm Cousett

Cousett is known as THE Techie Mamma. She is the mom of 2 boys and loves technology. Cousett has been working, designing, developing, and teaching technology since 2005.

Former Educational Technology academic turned Mompreneur she is on a mission to empower all to automate, build, and scale their business and live the lifestyle they want.

As a passionate educator, Cousett has been featured in several summits and podcasts.

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